David James

7 years of experience as a Software Engineer and IT Manager. Transformed a legacy application to React, resulting in new features, an improvement in product quality, and increased customer usage. Led cross-functional teams to deliver new features within the project timeline, improving product functionality and customer engagement.

Education & Skills


  • 2006-2010
    Kinesiology Field Of Study Exercise Science.

    University of Houston

  • 2006-2010
    Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society.

    University of Houston

  • 2006-2010
    Certificate of Corporate Entrepreneurship

    C. T. Bauer College of Business - Wolff Center For Entrepreneurship

  • 2007
    The National Scholars Honor Society

    University of Houston

My skills

Style Sheets (CSS)
Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
IT Support
Linux System Administration
Microsoft Office
Secure Shell (SSH)


Full Time
  • Successfully converted a legacy angular application to react using best practices, resulting in improved performance and user experience, and reducing maintenance costs for the business.
  • Enhanced product functionality by implementing 80 new features, leading to increased customer usage and overall product adoption.
  • Led 10+ Technical Outlines, increasing development efficiency and on-time feature releases, boosting overall team productivity. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver the new features within the project timeline, resulting in improved product functionality and increased customer engagement.
  • Increased testing efficiency by creating Soft Launch Demos, decreasing feature testing time for Product Managers, and accelerating new feature releases.
  • Crafted feature videos for Mid-Quarter Demos, increasing stakeholder satisfaction and buy-in for new features.
Lightning Step Technologies
Full Time
  • Championed the design and implementation of the Lightning Step EMR RCM product, leading to an improvement in software performance and a decrease in system downtime.
  • Spearheaded the architecture, development, and management of the Lightning Step Standalone RCM Product, resulting in a 30% faster time-to-market and a 25% decrease in production bugs, improving product reliability and customer trust
  • Collaborated on the DevOps strategy for both products, leading to a 25% decrease in deployment failures and a 15% improvement in team productivity, driving a more reliable and streamlined product delivery process.
  • Enhanced product quality by 30% by implementing a custom automated testing framework, resulting in fewer defects and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased test coverage by 30% through implementing Unit Testing using PHPUnit and creating an initial test suite, leading to improved code quality and reduced bug count.
  • As the Sole Developer, Dev Ops, and Scrum master, created a Revenue Cycle Management product, streamlining operations and boosting profitability for Lightning step.
  • Directed a development team to create Technical Outlines, Product Roadmaps, and Automated Testing, resulting in a reduction in development cycle time and increased stakeholder confidence.
Lightning Step Technologies
Full Time
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and retention by developing a QuickBooks integration for EMR clients
  • Created 7+ HL7 Lab integrations for various clients, increasing efficiency and accuracy in lab data processing, leading to improved patient care and satisfaction.
  • Developed over 30 ANSI X12 EDI Clearinghouse integrations, leading to improved data exchange efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • Automated the generation of ANSI 837 files, reducing processing time and minimizing errors, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy for the billing department.
  • Streamlined the handling of ANSI 835, 999, 997, 277, 271, and 270 files, increasing productivity and smoother workflow for the team.
  • Facilitated sprint planning, daily scrums, retrospectives, and software development, enabling a reduction in bug resolution time, and improving product quality and customer satisfaction.
Lightning Step Technologies
Full Time
  • Increased Lightning Step EMR efficiency through successful integration with Emdeon, now Change Healthcare, resulting in streamlined billing and claims processes.
  • Enhanced data exchange by developing the first HL7 Integration for Lightning Step EMR with Dominion Diagnostics.
  • Improved operational efficiency by developing a seamless second clearinghouse integration for Lightning Step EMR with Zirmed, now Waystar, resulting in a reduction in claims processing time.
  • Created Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Printer integration with EMR, increasing printing efficiency and improving patient care and workflow.
  • Enhanced interoperability by implementing a second HL7 Integration for Lightning Step EMR with Quest Diagnostics, reducing data errors and improving healthcare delivery.
  • Built reports for Clinical and Financial Data to increase data accuracy and efficiency, leading to informed decision-making and improved patient care.
  • Established continuous deployment processes, reducing deployment time and increasing deployment frequency, resulting in quicker feature releases and improved time to market.
  • Ensured 100% compliance with federal regulations for protected health information, safeguarding client records, and maintaining stakeholder trust.
  • Responsible for maintenance and technology of all Lightning Step Customers' EMR functioning, customization, integration, initial configurations, and ongoing updates/upgrades.
Sobriety Matters, LLC
Full Time
  • Managed IT infrastructure through proactive maintenance, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Maintained HIPAA compliance, hardware firewall, and employee access, and issued ID badges and gate codes.
  • Led the technical preparations for Joint Commission Accreditation, resulting in a decrease in findings during the survey, demonstrating the organization's commitment to quality and patient safety.


CompTIA Linux+ powered by LPI
Jan 2017 - Present


Jan 2017 - Jan 2022

License 35yyeb5tb3

Fundamental Linux Administration
Dec 2016 - Present

License SC-138d6df6b-31c7f

Certificate of Continuing Education Completion CompTIA Linux+
Apr 2016 - Present

License C-138d6df6b-f52ea8

Linux+ LPIC Level 1 Exam 1
Dec 2016 - Present

License 35yyeb5tb3

Linux+ LPIC Level 1 Exam 2
Dec 2016 - Present

License 35yyeb5tb3

Jan 2017 - Present

License SC-138d6df6b-a4231

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  • Houston, Texas
  • david@dnjames.com

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